in traditional dress celebrate the first Serfs Emancipation Day at home in Qamdo, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, March 28, 2009. (Xinhua/He Ju

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nchang)銆€銆€The former housekeeper of the Lagyari Manor, w▓ho is now in his 80s, admitted he was once awarde▓d 50 s

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erfs for dunning rents on the master's behalf. 銆€銆€Liu said, at the time of democratic reform in 1959, 2.8 million

amassed a fortune t

mu (461,28▓5 acres) of land and large quantities of daily necessities were distributed to the former serfs of more t

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ed 321 manors, 147,000 ▓mu(24,500 acres) of l

han ▓800,000. 銆€銆€Under the policy of land redemption a


and, 26 pastures, ▓110,00

nd confiscation during the democratic reform, some serf-owners


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got land and other m▓eans of production as well, Liu introduce

,000 serfs. 銆

d. The land of▓ those serf-owners who participated in the ar▓med rebellion in March 1959 were confiscated, while those who did not but supported the 17-

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Article Agreement were allowed to redeem their land. 銆€銆€The p

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ractice to distribut▓e land to serfs was warmly welcome by the Ti

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appy life and been on the way to prosperity. 銆€銆€By Yang

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The Pala Man

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